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Customized Cleaning Services in Greensboro

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Every homeowner is unique, which is why we provide personalized cleaning services to our clients throughout the Greensboro, NC area. In fact, we make creating an individualized cleaning plan for your specific needs one of our main priorities at Maid Right®of Greensboro. Whether you require special add-on cleaning services or have specific areas of your home that are your cleaning priority, we’ll ensure that your customized cleaning plan is designed to meet your cleaning preferences.

Our Cleaning Service’s Personalized Approach

When you decide to work with our cleaning service in Greensboro, you can rest assured that we’ll answer all your questions and address your cleaning concerns from the get-go. Here’s how we deliver customized cleaning services to families and homeowners throughout the Greensboro area:

  • We provide free in-home consultations. We’ll visit your home in Greensboro for a risk-free, no-charge cleaning consultation. This is a great opportunity for you to bring up any special requests that you may have to determine if our cleaning service is the right fit for you. You can also take this time to point out priority areas of your home or items that you don’t want our Cleaning Pros to handle.
  • We create customized cleaning plans.During your in-home consultation, we’ll work with you to design a cleaning plan that is specific to your home and your personal cleaning requirements and preferences. However, our cleaning services are flexible – if your needs or circumstances change over time, we’ll adjust your cleaning plan so that it’s always just right for you.
  • We offer optional add-ons.If you require cleaning services that go above and beyond our core cleaning checklist, you may want to think about choosing one of our add-on service options. For example, if your kitchen sees heavy use, you could consider requesting detail cleaning for larger kitchen appliances, like the oven or refrigerator drawers.
  • We use an exclusive tracking system.We provide all our clients in Greensboro with our exclusive Maid Right Tracker®system to verify that their cleaning needs are consistently being met. This tool comes equipped with several communication vehicles, including a third-party survey, scoring system, and communication logbook so you can keep us updated with your feedback and changing needs.

If you’re in search of customized cleaning services in Greensboro, don’t hesitate to choose Maid Right of Greensboro. Call our office at (336) 967-1787 today to schedule your free in-home cleaning consultation.

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