Post Construction Cleaning in Henderson: About Our Service

provider of post construction cleaning in Henderson

If you’re doing construction on your home, chances are there will be a mess. Whether you’re updating the master bathroom or finishing the basement, there will be dust in every cranny and debris scattered on the floor. Bringing in the pros from Maid Right® of Henderson for post construction cleaning can save you hours of hard work.

About Our Post Construction Cleaning in Henderson

The greatest benefit of enlisting professionals for this job is that we can achieve a deeper clean than you probably could with traditional methods. Our cleaning professionals are fully trained and equipped to handle your post construction mess!

Dust is the leading culprit in construction messes. From drywall dust, to sawdust, to the existing dust on surfaces, it can get kicked up into the air and then fall on any exposed surface. No one wants to breathe in clouds of dust, much less see it all over their home. Luckily, we take careful measures to ensure a dust-free home for you and your family.

Our post construction cleaning in Henderson includes:

  • Ridding walls of dirt, dust, scuffs, and smudges
  • Dusting all fixtures and surfaces, including ceiling fans, with microfiber cloths
  • Cleaning all trim work, baseboards, and door frames
  • Vacuuming carpet with HEPA filtration vacuum
  • Vacuuming and mopping hard floors
  • Cleaning light fixtures and bulbs
  • Cleaning electrical switches and outlets
  • Cleaning inside cabinets and closets
  • Cleaning shelving
  • Removing paint and mud from hinges or hardware
  • Disposing of all trash

Your post construction cleaning project is sure to be a success with the help of our cleaning pros. At Maid Right of Henderson, our highly trained staff takes the time to carefully plan out this major undertaking. We want the process to go smoothly and the result to be picture-perfect.

Once your home is thoroughly cleaned, you will be able to fully enjoy it. Having a dust-free space will give you the chance to breathe clean air and enjoy your newly renovated home.

Turn to Maid Right of Henderson For Post Construction Cleaning

If you’re planning a construction project, don’t forget about the final stage of cleanup. Getting started with Maid Right of Henderson is simple! We offer a free consultation and estimate to our new clients. We will do whatever it takes to help you plan for this step and work diligently so you can enjoy your new space.

For homeowners in Henderson, Green Valley, MacDonald, Seven Hills, and Whitney, we are your source for exceptional house cleaning services. Call us today at (702) 745-6083 to learn more about our post construction cleaning.