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Life is Short. Clean Less.

North Phoenix Apartment Cleaning Services

We don’t just hit the high spots when we clean your apartment

Bright and clean apartmentYour home is your home, whether that’s an apartment or a condominium. And we bring the same high-level attention to detail to every home we clean.

If you're in need of North Phoenix apartment cleaning services, contact us online or call (480) 530-5340 today!

How We Clean Your North Phoenix Apartment

Before we even begin to clean your apartment, we work with you to customize an apartment cleaning service plan that meets your unique needs and addresses your special concerns. We also:

  • Deliver the Maid Right Signature Clean® process – the well-defined, detail-driven methodology for cleaning every room in your house: from top to bottom and left to right. No one else in the industry can compete with our methodical process of cleaning and the results speak for themselves.
  • Use Maid Right Technics® technologies – backpack HEPA filtration vacuums that ensure your floors are getting maximum suction but your air is getting minimum dust (and our vacuums are recognized by the American Lung Association); color-coded microfiber cleaning cloth and mop system that prevents cross contamination; hospital-grade cleaning products that are nontoxic and eco-friendly.
  • Complete your service with MR Shield® Germ and Odor Neutralization – the eco-friendly, EPA-rated disinfecting process that eliminates odors and 99.99 percent of germs, bacteria and viruses.

Why Should You Hire Apartment Cleaning Services?

Hiring an apartment cleaning service may seem like a luxury, but in reality it can be a huge weight off your shoulders. Here are some top reasons you should hire a North Phoenix apartment cleaning services:

  • It's a time saver: If you're a busy person, work full time, or are just in need of some extra help around your apartment, an apartment cleaning service could be the right fit.
  • You regularly have guests over: Having guests over to your house can be pretty stressful. Between having to prepare all the snacks, drinks, and entertainment, cleaning your apartment can be a pretty big hurdle. With an apartment cleaning service, however, you can just enjoy your get together and not worry about the dust on the shelves.
  • Cleaning isn't your thing: Maybe you just don't enjoy cleaning. You shouldn't have to waste time doing something you're not good at or find frustrating.
  • You need a break: Everyone needs a break and not having to worry about cleaning your apartment can be that break.

No matter your reason for hiring apartment cleaning services, Maid Right of North Phoenix is here to help.

Contact us online or call (480) 530-5340 today to learn more about how we can help you!

We also offer Green Cleaning for your apartment or condo.

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