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Are you looking for a dependable cleaning service in Glen Allen, VA, to handle your cleaning requirements? A professional cleaning service can increase your space’s hygiene and appearance, among other benefits. For Glen Allen, VA homes of all sizes, Maid Right® of Richmond offers thorough recurring cleaning services. The end result is thorough, meticulous cleaning done by professionals who are not just passionate about what they do but also passionate about providing you with excellent results.

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Your specific cleaning requirements are always met by our team, which uses a range of cutting-edge solutions and a customer-driven approach. We put a lot of effort into promoting freshness and making sure that busy families have a clean, tidy space to come home to.

The Maid Right Cleaning Service Difference

MR® Shield Technology: Up to 99% of bacteria, germs, and odors are eliminated by our revolutionary whole-home disinfection system. Your home will be kept clean and free of pathogens that could infect your family thanks to MR Shield®.

Maid Right Tracker®: At Maid Right of Richmond, we keep track of your preferred schedule, satisfaction level, and service preferences. In addition to properly cleaning your home, we also employ questionnaires, lengthy checklists, and other organized techniques to spare you time and hassles.

Our Cleaning Pros: Our unique company strategy encourages quality and a personal touch. This is because our maid service professionals are locals who uphold our reputation.

Green Cleaning Methods: You won’t have to worry about irritating odors or strong chemical odors while we clean your home. We utilize eco-friendly cleaning formulas that are effective against dirt and grime and mild enough to be used around the entire family in place of hazardous chemical cleansers.

Our Service Guarantee: We offer one of the best warranties in the industry for our residential cleaning services. We promise to make things right if you are unhappy with our performance. Just call us within 24 hours, and we’ll guarantee to fix the issue in 48 hours. After this follow-up, if you’re still not satisfied, we’ll pay for your next scheduled clean.

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We Offer The Following Cleaning Services in Glen Allen, VA

House Cleaning: Professional house cleaning services might be the best choice for you if fully cleaning your home feels like a huge task that you never seem to get to. Family responsibilities, daily activities, and hectic schedules can all leave little time for cleaning. To balance a busy lifestyle and make cleaning your home easier, call Maid Right of Richmond.

Apartment and Condo Cleaning: Our top-notch housekeeping services are available to everybody, regardless of where they live. Whatever the size of your apartment or condo, we’ll use our meticulous processes and attention to detail to create exceptional results you couldn’t get on your own.

Commercial Cleaning: Everything is determined by outward appearance. If you run a company, you want to give your customers the best first impression possible. The best location to start is in a neat and orderly commercial area. The majority of people make snap judgments, and a messy or ugly business may give them a bad impression. Our cleaning services in Glen Allen, VA and surrounding areas are perfect for small company sites like medical practices, executive offices, care facilities, and more!

One-time or Schedule Cleaning: We offer flexible scheduling and services. Whether you need a regular cleaning service or a post-party clean-up, Maid Right of Richmond has you covered!

Kitchen Cleaning Service: A clean and organized kitchen is definitely something you value if you enjoy cooking at home. You can be sure that your kitchen is a safe place to cook food with Maid Right® of Richmond’s kitchen cleaning services.

And more!

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Why Choose Maid Right of Richmond?

A cleaning specialist from our company will come to your house and inspect each room individually. You will also have the chance to talk with them about your cleaning needs, priorities, trouble spots, special requests, and preferred schedule. The next step is for them to design a cleaning schedule specifically for your house. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and to make sure that we are consistently living up to them, we track, measure, and monitor our work. You may trust in the cleaning services in Glen Allen, VA provided by Maid Right of Richmond when you hire us.

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