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Extensive Odor & Germ Elimination Process From Our Cleaning Services Company In Potomac, MD And Surrounding Montgomery County Areas

Foot traffic, spills, and everyday wear and tear can leave your home with countless scents and various germs. Eliminating them requires more than just a quick run of the vacuum or wipe of a towel. Maid Right of Montgomery County, MD understands the depth germs can reach in carpets and the areas where odors can hide. That’s why we’ve developed a system that can tackle the toughest problems. MR Shield® eliminates 99.99 percent of household germs, including bacteria like E. coli and viruses like the flu. It neutralizes odors from cooking, smoking, and pets, and it’s completely safe and eco-friendly.

Raising The Bar For Total Home Cleanliness

MR Shield® releases electrostatically-charged particles that float down, land, and wrap around untreated objects and hard-to-reach or tough-to-clean spaces. This proprietary misting system continues to clean and disinfect for 48 hours, resulting in a level of germ- and odor-free clean you won’t find with any other provider.

MR Shield® is perfect for thoroughly disinfecting:

  • Computer keyboards
  • Doorknobs
  • Drawer handles
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Railings

A Higher Level of Clean

We don’t just clean your house. We disinfect it. And thanks to our MR Shield® process, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we’ve eliminated 99.99 percent of the germs in your house. Win the tough battle against germs and odors once and for all with our state-of-the-art system. We promise you will be satisfied with the results. If for some reason you are not, we will remedy the situation until you are completely happy. We guarantee it.

Is MR Shield® Right for Your Home?

This technology and its benefits are perfect for homes of every size, and families of every variety. However, we understand you probably still have questions. That’s why we offer free no-hassle estimates to provide you with a thorough understanding of our systems, tools, and products. We will take into consideration your specific needs and formulate a plan that fits your home and your budget.

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Scheduling your clean is easy.