Every November, family, friends, food, and fall colors all come together for one special day of celebration. But even though there’s a lot to be thankful for each year, post-Thanksgiving cleaning usually isn’t one of them.

If you’re hosting your family for turkey and pumpkin pie this year, make Thanksgiving cleaning easier on yourself. With these simple tips from the home cleaning experts at Maid Right, you’ll save yourself time, effort, and worry — both before and after your big meal.


Preparation is key to making any big event go smoothly, and that’s especially true of Thanksgiving. You can save yourself hours of clean-up time, simply by taking smart steps during event and meal prep.

Here are four of our top pre-Thanksgiving cleaning tips:

  • Tag Team Dinner Prep & Dishes. Cooking a big meal generates lots of dirty dishes and counters. You can save yourself time in the long run by having a partner help with cleaning dishes, food scraps, and counter space while you prepare the meal.
  • Be Trash-Ready. By double-bagging your garbage can, you’ll have a fresh bag ready as soon as you fill up and take out the first one.
  • Empty the Dishwasher. You’ll want the dishwasher’s real estate available after your meal, so be sure to empty it beforehand.
  • Clear out the Fridge. Make room for leftovers by clearing out expired foods from the fridge.


Most Thanksgiving cleaning takes place after the big meal is finished. But post-meal cleaning doesn’t need to take hours and hours. If you break after-Thanksgiving cleaning into manageable tasks, you’ll get the job done in no time.

Tackle the post-turkey clean-up by following these steps:

  • Take Care of the Dishes. Clear dishes from the table, scrape leftovers into the garbage, and give dishes a rinse. Load dishes directly into the dishwasher if possible to keep counter space available.
  • Tackle Tricky Messes ASAP. We’ve got a handy guide to some Thanksgiving cleaning hacks to help you handle the toughest stains.
  • Put Leftovers Away. You can foil-wrap dishes and put them straight into the fridge. We recommend using stackable plastic containers, if you have them, which will help you use fridge space wisely.
  • Wipe Down Counters & Tables. Take tablecloths outside to shake out crumbs, then use a damp cloth with a drop of detergent to wipe down the table and counters.
  • Give Your Home a Next-Day Cleaning. You’ll want to do a thorough cleaning the day after Thanksgiving to get rid of any dirt and dust tracked in by family foot traffic.

Need a hand with Thanksgiving cleaning? A Thanksgiving cleaning by your local Maid Right will give you a home (and kitchen) that you can truly be thankful for. Call (855) MAID-RIGHT today to book your cleaning.