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Pet-Friendly Housekeeping Services in Marietta

dog in clean house thanks to pet friendly cleaning services

Are you a pet lover living in Marietta, Kennesaw, East Cobb, or the surrounding communities in GA? If you’re keeping a furry friend in your home, you’ve probably encountered some pet-related cleaning issues. At Maid Right®of Marietta, we deliver pet-friendly housekeeping services targeting pet owners’ most common concerns, including pet dander, stubborn odors, and pet-safe cleaning formulas.

Our Marietta Housekeeping Services’ Pet-Focused Cleaning Methods

As a pet owner in the Marietta area, you may be having a hard time maintaining a clean home. Here’s how our housekeeping services can make living with your pet a cleaner, more comfortable experience:

  • We neutralize stubborn pet-related odors. Pet odors are some of the most difficult to mask or remove, and that can be embarrassing when you want to have company over. Fortunately, our MR Shield®whole-home disinfecting system, used as part of our core housekeeping services in Marietta, eliminates even the most stubborn odors. And thanks to its innovative misting applicator, MR Shield®can treat even those hard-to-clean areas of your home.
  • We reduce the amount of pet dander in your home. Our housekeeping services are well-equipped to deal with excess pet dander. We use ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums to suck up dust, dirt, and dander throughout your home. This process also filters pet hair and other airborne particles from the air, leaving you with cleaner air that contains less allergens and pollution. Finally, our microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads trap pet hair on your home’s hard surfaces more effectively than conventional cleaning materials.
  • We utilize pet-friendly cleaning products. Small animals can be sensitive to the fumes and residues left by harsh chemical cleaners. That’s why we always choose non-toxic, eco-friendly formulas to clean your Marietta home. For example, our MR Shield®disinfecting system has been approved by the EPA and our bathroom detergents are Green Seal™ certified.
  • We eliminate bacteria and viruses in your home. Are you concerned about your pets bringing bacteria from the outdoors into your home? Our housekeeping services can help give you peace of mind. Our MR Shield®disinfecting system knocks out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contact, ensuring your home is a clean and healthy space for you and your pet.

Choose our pet-friendly housekeeping services for a cleaner, more comfortable home in Marietta. Call Maid Right of Marietta today at (678) 661-5094 to get started with a free estimate in Marietta, Kennesaw, East Cobb, and the surrounding communities.

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