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Maid Rights post-construction cleaning throughout the Northern Phoenix area

Have you recently finished a home improvement project and find yourself left with a mess? Home construction can be stressful enough without having to deal with the post-job mess it leaves behind. Maid Right of North Phoenix, AZ post construction cleaning services will help your house make the transition from construction site to homestead. We are a residential maid service that delivers non-toxic and eco-friendly floor-to-ceiling house cleanings.

We offer a variety of services and programs that can conquer all your post-construction needs. Whether it’s a quick tidying up or a more detailed, thorough, deep clean, our cleaning pros have the experience, tools, and processes that will leave your home looking like nothing ever happened.

Some Finishing Touches

Committed to a Better Clean

Your recently finished home project should be given the respect it deserves, whether it’s a new addition, a refinished floor, or only minor cosmetic modifications. It’s crucial to be cautious when using chemicals for cleaning because some products may have a detrimental impact on particular surfaces or materials. The cleaning professionals at Maid Right are knowledgeable and use eco-friendly cleaning products to guarantee that your new project is handled with extreme care. Our products are safe for children and pets. They perform equally well to their chemical equivalents while being devoid of irritants and allergies. Additionally, a quality associate oversees our post-construction cleaning crew to make sure they uphold our brand’s 100% customer service guarantee.

Advanced Cleaning Processes

We are so much more than just an average maid service. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the best clean possible. Our competitors simply don’t have the detailed programs to ensure as thorough a job as we can. Our Maid Right Technics® cleaning technologies include American Lung Association-approved HEPA filtration vacuums and our MR Shield® Germ and Odor Neutralization system eliminates odors and 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses.  Fully enjoy your latest home improvement by contacting Maid Right of North Phoenix, AZ you for thorough post construction cleaning services. (480) 470-8463

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Scheduling your clean is easy.

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