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Our Housekeeping Company in Durham Makes Bathrooms Shine

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At Maid Right®of Durham, we’re a professional housekeeping company that gives your entire home a thorough clean on every visit. However, we’ve noticed that many of our customers in Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Mebane, Carrboro, and the surrounding NC communities are especially focused on keeping their bathrooms as clean as possible. Bathroom areas can attract more germs, dirt, and grime than other commonly used rooms, which is why they should be given a deep clean on a regular basis. A professional housekeeping company such as Maid Right of Durham can provide your home with consistent, in-depth cleans to ensure your bathrooms are always clean and looking great.

How Our Housekeeping Company Approaches Bathroom Cleaning

We use advanced cleaning systems and hospital-grade cleaning formulas to provide outstanding results for your whole home in Durham—including your bathroom areas. Here are just a few of our housekeeping company’s professional techniques:

  • We reduce illness-causing germs. We understand that our customers want their bathrooms to be safe and healthy. MR Shield®, our exclusive disinfecting system, kills 99.99% of germs it comes into contact with. The result is cleaner bathrooms with less risk of the spread of illness.
  • We reduce unwanted odors in your bathrooms. Since MR Shield®gets rid of most forms of odor-causing bacteria, your bathrooms will smell better than ever. And since we avoid using toxic chemical cleaners like bleach or ammonia, you won’t have to worry about noxious chemical fumes emanating from your bathrooms. Instead, our eco-friendly, spring-fresh formulas will give your bathrooms a clean scent.
  • We use microfiber technology in our cleaning cloths and mop pads. Microfiber materials have a higher bacteria reduction rate than traditional cleaning cloths, and they also trap dust, dirt, and dander more effectively than conventional materials. That’s why our housekeeping company uses microfiber to give your bathrooms a professionally polished shine.
  • We avoid cross-contamination. At Maid Right of Durham, your family’s health and safety is our housekeeping company’s number one concern. To avoid the spread of germs, we use an innovative color-coded system for our cleaning materials, which prevents cloths used to clean your bathrooms from coming into contact with other areas of your home.

Are you looking for a professional housekeeping company that can make a difference for every room in your home? Call Maid Right of Durham today at (919) 907-2431 for more information about our services in Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Mebane,

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