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MR Shield®: Germ-Free Residential Cleaning for Durham

MR Shield®Your home is your safe haven from the outside world. At Maid Right® of Durham, we make your home that much safer by offering total-home protection against germs, bacteria, and viruses with our exclusive MR Shield® system. This state of the art system is our industry’s most advanced method for home disinfection, using a specially formulated cleaning agent and proprietary technology to wipe out a higher rate of contagions than comparable residential cleaning systems.

Total-Home Residential Cleaning & Disinfection with MR Shield®

With the MR Shield® system, Maid Right of Durham cleaners are able to protect greater Durham and Chapel Hill area homeowners against 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and germs in their homes. By using a wide-spectrum, specially formulated disinfectant, we’re able to neutralize dangerous, invisible contagions on contact, protecting you and your family against everything from E. coli to the common cold. What’s more, this product is not only odor-free, it actually eliminates many common household odors, such as those caused by smoke, pets and mildew.

Safer Residential Cleaning with Maid Right of Durham

MR Shield®At Maid Right of Durham, we’re 100% committed to safe, non-harmful, and non-irritating eco-friendly cleaning products. MR Shield® is no exception! The disinfecting agent used in MR Shield® is specially formulated for its safety. As a result, it leaves no harmful residues making it safe for use around pets, young children, asthmatics, and allergy sufferers. It’s also environmentally friendly, receiving the EPA’s safest possible rating for any disinfecting product.

Better Coverage Cleaning for Durham Homeowners

Unlike other comparable disinfection systems, MR Shield® uses advanced application technology that makes it possible for Maid Right of Durham cleaners to disinfect a wider range of surfaces than many of our competitors. With MR Shield®, our residential cleaning and disinfection even covers hard-to-clean surfaces like computer keyboards and high-germ areas like door handles. It’s this advanced coverage that allows us to follow through on our promise of total-home residential cleaning.

Maid Right of Durham is the only company in the greater Durham and Chapel Hill area with access to this exclusive residential cleaning technology.

Make MR Shield® a part of your residential cleaning plan today by calling Maid Right of Durham at (919) 680-1350.

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