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In-Between House Cleaning: Keeping Your Greensboro Home Fresh

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Love that fresh feeling that comes with a recent house cleaning? You don’t have to wait for the next visit from our professional cleaning team at Maid Right®of Greensboro. Whether you are preparing for a special guest, planning to host an event, or just want to keep your home fresh for as long as possible, we have some tips for you.

Our Greensboro Experts’ House Cleaning Tips

At Maid Right of Greensboro, we aim to deliver a deep house cleaning on every visit so that your home can stay clean for as long as possible. However, if your living area needs some freshening up in between visits from our professional house cleaning team, here’s what our experts suggest:

  • Create a homemade room spray. You can make your own eco-friendly room spray using everyday household products. Combine distilled water, a few drops of essential oils, and witch hazel in a spray bottle. You can use this spray on a daily basis to give your home a spring-fresh scent in between visits from our house cleaning team. At your next scheduled clean, we’ll use our exclusive MR Shield®disinfecting system to neutralize any unwanted odors that may be lingering in your home so that you can have a fresh start.
  • Polish up your mirrors with microfiber. Since mirrors catch light so easily, they may show dust and splatter stains more quickly than other surfaces in your home. Taking a minute to polish your mirrors in between visits from our house cleaning team can give your home a renewed feel. We suggest using a non-toxic solution, like vinegar and water, and microfiber cleaning cloths for a safe, streak-free finish.
  • Get rid of unnecessary clutter. Clutter can make your house feel dirty fast. Ensuring that everything is put away on a daily basis gets rid of unnecessary clutter and can instantly make your home feel refreshed. The house cleaning experts at Maid Right of Greensboro recommend designating a special drawer or cute catch-all bin for smaller items lying around your home. Not only will your living area look more organized, you’ll find that a decluttered environment is less stressful, too.

If your home needs freshening up, our professional house cleaning team is here to help. Call Maid Right of Greensboro at (336) 967-1787 today to learn more about our deep cleaning services.

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