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Our House Cleaning Service in Coral Gables Fixes Common Cleaning Mistakes

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Are little mistakes keeping your cleaning routine from being as effective as it could be? At Maid Right of South Miami, our house cleaning services give your Coral Gables home a deep clean, ensuring your cleaning errors aren’t preventing your home from being safe and hygienic. Our team of professional cleaners has undergone extensive training in the Maid Right Signature Clean®program, giving them the experience they need to consistently offer mistake-free results. Plus, our high-tech cleaning tools allow us to eradicate dust, dirt, and germs, offering a precise clean that you’ll love to come home to.

Mistake-Free House Cleaning Services in Coral Gables

If you make any of the following cleaning mistakes on a regular basis, consider enlisting our house cleaning service to boost your home’s cleanliness levels:

  • Cleaning throughout your home with the same cleaning cloth. Cleaning materials tend to hold on to dirt and dust, easily spreading germs and grimy streaks to whatever surface they come into contact with next. Remember, you don’t want bacteria from your bathroom to end up on your kitchen counters or tabletops! Designate specific cleaning cloths for each area of your house to avoid cross-contamination. Our Cleaning Pros make this a cinch by using color-coded cleaning materials.
  • Using a worn-out vacuum with a dirty filter. Vacuums that aren’t well-maintained often contain dirty filters that prevent the machine from picking up dust and dirt. In fact, filters that are damaged or dirty can even cause the vacuum to blow dirt back into the air, worsening your indoor air quality. Invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner or turn to our cleaning service, which utilizes HEPA filter vacuums that offer indoor air filtration and maximum suction.
  • Neglecting to disinfect high-touch surfaces. Don’t overlook commonly touched areas in your home such as door handles, light switches, computer keyboards, and remote controls. Disinfecting these areas is just as important as disinfecting your bathrooms and kitchen. We even offer detailed disinfection with MR Shield®, our exclusive disinfection system, so hard-to-clean and often overlooked surfaces in your home aren’t harboring harmful germs and viruses.

Work with our house cleaning service to avoid common pitfalls that can keep your home in Coral Gables from being clean. Call Maid Right of South Miami today at (972) 736-8864 for details about scheduling a free consultation in the Coral Gables, FL area.

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